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May 15, 2020


This year's seniors wrapped up their capstones just before the covid-19 pandemic shuttered schools and life as we know it. Presentations, like so many other events, were shelved, but the life lessons remain.   


The most important thing I learned from this is who I want to be in the future. This project had so much of an impact on me that I called the office of admissions for the college I committed to and changed my major. I thought I wanted to pursue a career related to physical therapy. But, through the skills and knowledge, I acquired I now feel like I was called to work in a field related to social work. I want to advocate and be the voice of those who feel as if they don’t have a voice.

​gave me a voice and an opportunity to explore a topic of my choice

provided me an opportunity to give back to others & my community

"I came to a greater appreciation for the men and women in the healthcare industry and also strengthened my desire to ultimately go into that field... One of the greatest pleasures I take from life is seeing others smile and laugh, which is something I came to understand about myself as I interacted with patients and people surrounding my project."

strengthened my career interests

"I have been both extremely fulfilled and extremely let down throughout the course of my project, but because of these extreme highs and lows, I have also learned an incredible amount. I have had the pleasure of working with amazing people in our community and I have been given a platform to grow and speak my mind."

Had to step out of my comfort zone, especially in communicating with others

"I have spent a great deal of time during ... this project thinking about the old saying that pearls only form when sand is [ground] against them. My mom has always said this to me, and throughout my life, it has proven to be applicable. This project specifically helped me grow but most of this growth happened through struggles I faced."

practiced time management & organization

"My advice to future students is to not be afraid to fail not to be afraid to mess up because that’s just a part of learning and that’s a huge part of this project. This project taught me to be independent and to know that I am capable of building and constructing on my own."

November 1, 2019


AJ Adams used his capstone as a chance to explore a deeply personal topic - the impact of cancer on patients, caregivers, and loved ones. On November 17, the screening of his documentary “Connections: A Deeper Meaning Of Cancer” will be open to the public. 

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